(surviving materialism by ‘still further thinking’ )


(a different, realistic way of thinking for a better world)     


(a method for becoming less materialistic)










Our doing is mainly determined by the way we think, by our view of life, so how we look at life. In our modern, western society that view of life can be described as a 90 per cent materialistic view. That materialism is the basis for our decisive society. Unfortunately, however, materialism also has a number of disadvantages such as: stress, modern diseases, environmental pollution, crime, individualism and many more other symptoms that confine the happiness of human beings.


 In a few pages of text below you can read about a different, additional way of thinking that may get over many of these disadvantages. This different way of thinking is labelled ‘still further thinking’. 


 First I should explain what is meant by ‘further thinking’ in order to be able to explain the meaning of ‘still further thinking’. I oppose ‘further thinking’ to materialism. The materialist has the opinion that there is no further life of someone’s spirit after his death. On the other hand, ‘the further thinker’, bears in mind that living FURTHER on earth is indeed possible after his death, but he does not exclude either that there is no life after death anymore. So the ‘further thinker’ does not exclude the two possibilities and let in the possibility of what will happen to someone’s mind after his death. He clearly bears in mind that a ‘further life’ is just as likely as not and allows for both possibilities in his practical life.




However, the materialist excludes, aware or unawares, the possibility of a ‘further life’ and also behaves like this (He wants to enjoy himself as much as possible now and does not feel responsible for what happens to him, to his fellow man and the world after his death). Most modern people are unawares materialists. Many scientists and intellectuals are aware of being materialists, but ….. not even one scientist can prove that there is no further life after death. Most people do not want and dare not ponder about what will happen to their spirits, to their thinking, their feelings, their wills, imaginations, etc., whereas the moment of dying will certainly come once. If you ask a materialist, why he excludes the possibility of a ‘further life’, he will not be able to give a sensible answer. An honest materialist may say: ‘because it suits me best’ or ‘I follow the masses and believing in a ‘further life’ is out of the fashion now.’  So the ‘further thinker’ does not exclude a further life after his death and takes the two possibilities just as much into account. But now the ‘STILL FURTHER THINKER’, he also takes these two possibilities into account. But …. he assumes for a number of reasons that the chance of the existing of a further life after his death is much larger.




The following reasons are often mentioned for this way of thinking:


Ÿ       The human will power is an enormous energy source and energy never gets lost according to the science of physics.


Ÿ       In winter life in nature is just as death, but in spring life fully returns; so believing in a ‘further life’ is not an unnatural way of thinking.


Ÿ       Very many peoples on our earth have come to a believe in a ‘further life’ after death  independently.


Ÿ       It is believed in parapsychology that the spirit can move outside the body (so-called leave) and so the spirit can exist, observe, think, feel, want and act outside the body (being made in a certain sleep). The spirit does not need the body to be able to exist by any means; the spirit can function independently of the body.


Ÿ       Thousands of people (of all cultures) having had a near-death experience can attest to their spirits themselves. They have been in a position to see their own pale body lying from a place outside their bodies.




The ‘still further thinker’ is aware that the above reasons are by no means proofs, but certainly valuable, realistic indications and combined even increase their interpretation in strength.




Just to be perfectly clear, materialism and ‘still further thinking’ are explained so explicitly here. Of course, reality is not that explicit. Everyone is materialistic to a certain extent and it is certainly NOT my intention to condemn materialists or materialism; I only want to awaken people that a different, realistic way of thinking exists and is important to them and society.




So, both materialistic thinking and ‘still further thinking’ exist. The ‘(still) further thinker’ starts feeling having a possible future after death, feels already now responsibility for the quality of that future and looks for solutions to work at this. But the materialist misses this feeling of responsibility and he focuses on the benefits of the earth only: house, car, holidays, career and wants to earn money for this as much as he can, unidirectionally and unprincipled. And what happens with society after his death does not worry him at all. His attitude to life can be compared with some one who has to work for only one day for a firm that has been declared bankrupt.




However, is the pure materialistic way of thinking really so bad and unhealthy for human beings and society? Should we see it as a kind of ‘usurious illness’? Unfortunately, this is in my opinion indeed the case! Of course, having some affluence is not wrong, as long as we regard this matter only as a RESOURCE in order to be able to live and to work to personal development. So, matter is not wrong at all, as long as we benefit from it in order to be able to develop mentally. However, matter has become a major aim in people’s lives, because they think to have no aim of a higher importance. But matter stays matter, which is always restricted by its kind and will give us limited happiness and limited satisfaction. And pure materialism can therefore be compared to a usurious illness, ‘illness’ because instability and imbalance arises by lack of the mental side, which is the major part of human life and profiteering’ because it remains unsatisfactory, most people having material richness, want more and more of it. To the materialist ‘money’ is more important than ‘spirit’, more important than humanity, fellow men, animals and scenery. Anything has to be given in for money, for economic interests. But….. in fact matter should always be for the benefit of man, for his life and spiritual development. However, how little has this been the case yet! We show only little interest in the development of the human sole, character and love. Only one or two people go into that subject deeply; the majority does not see the benefit and the value of it and does not know at all that spiritual happiness exists, not to mention that you can earn this by working on yourself.




Also a materialist can be financially poor and a ‘still further thinker’ financially rich. It does not matter how much money you spend on luxury a year, as long as you have the development of character and love as a main aim (also for the benefit of your happiness later in future life). And, if you are going to understand now already that happiness in the spirit is much deeper and more satisfactory than all worldly pleasures, you can call this cleverness and you also aim at this higher happiness automatically.




Though, worldly happiness in itself is not wrong at all and it is good to aim at achieving certain primary needs and some primary enjoyment; that is part of life and also part of spiritual path of life. However, it is one-sideness in materialistic thinking and in aiming and that is the problem.




How can advancing materialism in our modern society be stopped? Will politicians be able to do this? No, they say that this is a matter of thinking, and that they cannot stop it. Religions would be able to change this if they started philosophic discussions with non-believers, but their ability to do this is diminishing more and more. And should they try really, they do not ask people to use ‘their common sense’.




Materialism has greed in the individual and laziness in thinking as a motive. This has been stimulated by advertising spots of businesses. In my opinion, the only effective power to stop moving up materialism is ‘still further thinking’ (based on common sense). This philosophy should, however, be taken up by religions and by political parties in the world, by education systems and media, such as newspapers, TV, internet, films etc. And….. the community should, however, also learn to see first that materialism is as a life threatening usurious illness. And I fear that therefore the world must first be critically ill and at its wit’s end, before people are receptive to a medicine as ‘still further thinking’.




Nowadays more and more non-ecclesiastical beliefs make their entries in the world. Also this phenomenon will not be able to take a stand against materialism.




However ……. if we could convince only the political and religious leaders of the necessity and effectiveness of ‘still further thinking’, we would be on the right road for a long stretch. ‘Still further thinking’ can run into every world religion and every political mainstream and it is very practically applicable because every human being who can and want to think a little further is accessible to it. And everybody can keep his possessions, people will only get an extra spiritual dimension, which is an enrichment and humanisation for their personality. And we will get it without doing anything for it; the only thing to do is to stop something, viz. the excluding of the existence of a real possibility that there will be a further life of our spirit after our death.




So I would like to call out to every world citizen:
































By NOT excluding the possibility


Of your living on after your death


Your humanity emerges more and more


And your personality will be expanded




Your view on life will enlarge then


Your feelings of responsibility will increase


You awake from a tangible slumber


And you get down more to the sacred




Materialism will be losing control of you more and more


So you start feeling freer and more peaceful


You’ll become more self-reliant and soft too


And you concentrate on higher goals of life




For your fellow men you will get more feelings


And for nature you will get more respect


Your life gets a higher goal


Because you discover depth yourself




Your humanity emerges more and more


And your personality will be expanded


By not excluding the possibility


Of your living on after your death








Life poem  by Giel Heymans






The materialist forgets


That he doesn’t know at all


What will happens to his spirit


When his body ‘has gone’




It’s not impossible


(That he may have forgotten)


That his life will go on


Is quite possible!




Invisible, for his spirit


Has not been visible now too


It may only be appearances


That death will be the end of life








Life poem  by Giel Heymans




















Do you consider your spirit as immortal


Then you feel responsible too


For the effects of what you are doing now


And for the mistakes that you will once have to amend for








Life poem  by Giel Heymans






Everything that lives


That breathes and gives warmth


Will continue to exist for ever


Will never get lost




When the body has given up


The spirit will continue living


The dead body will grow stiff


But the vitality will remain




The spirit is immortal


The body is short-life


When this will give up


Yet the spirit will continue to live




Eternal is life


But dying takes only a short time


Any one who considers it a transition


He isn’t afraid of this




You are a life force


Energy of the highest power


Energy that can indeed sophisticate


But that can never disappear








Life poem by Giel Heymans






Your death is certainly not your end


Bear that in mind, in future


So, dying is not as it seems to be


But it is a transition to another existence




Also responsibility about what you did


Does not stop when you die


The consequences of caused pain


Will follow you to that next existence








Life poem  by Giel Heymans






In fact,


materialism is also a belief


It is, actually, more a loss


We are deaf for the spirit




We only believe what we see


But then we forget who looks


And we don’t see that viewer


As the eye doesn’t reach that far.




We’d rather deny the spirit


And see a human being as a computer


We prefer to run away from it


And to make it unimportant as well




People have only faith in what can be measured


And in what we can enjoy now


In social and comprehensible phenomena


And the spirit…. is what we ignore




People don’t believe in a life to come


As this ‘can’t be proved’


So they‘re not interested at all


In muffing that future




However, ..… we can’t prove too


That a life to come doesn’t exist


And the spirit doesn’t travel further


When the body is going to dye




That POSSIBILITY is excluded


Pretending to know this for sure


So, this is a believe and a decision


It’s just to let you know that you won’t forget this








Life poem  by Giel Heymans






Living further after death, true or not true


We can believe in it and hope on it


Or we believe: I only live for a short moment now


But the wise man or woman leaves the two possibilities open




However, who says that nothing exists for certain then


He doesn’t know what he is talking about


So, do not exclude the possibility of


Your life going on after your death!








Life poem by Giel Heymans






If we are going to believe more


That our life will continue


(On earth or ‘above’)


It would prove very helpful to us already now




Living further after death


If you believe in that


Your existence will be expanded


And the power of matter be killed




But your escape route will disappear too


If you‘d like to kill yourself


For your life has no end


And your grief doesn’t submerge




But also your own responsibility


Doesn’t end anymore when you die


In life is justice


So, you will inherit the consequences of your doing




Believing in a further life


Will certainly enrich your life


It will give depth and sense


This is the way people should look at it








Life poem  by Giel Heymans






My partner and I believe


That we‘ll go on living ‘above’


When we are finished here


We believe in this miracle




The miracle that really exists


That your life goes on


Further and further also after your death


Yes, that makes our life great




This believe is realism


Is cleverer than materialism


For energy never gets lost


What dies here, will be born there




People who have been near-death


Had experiences with their spirits


Having flown out of their bodies


Which they saw with their spiritual eyes




Also in nature is no ‘stop’


Winters are followed by summers


And each night is followed by a day


So that everything and everyone can grow




Also our love will shine for ever


And will never disappear into nothingness


And our will of power will always come back


Of this no one can provide proof to the evidence








Life poem  by Giel Heymans